Rothie Meat Box - small

Rothie Meat Box - small

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Our Rothie Meat Box contains a selection of different cuts of beef and venison from our own Highland Cattle and Red Deer from our farm.  This will include larger joints, to roast, along with a variety of different steaks, burgers, mince, braising cuts, and homemade pork sausages, depending on availability.

We do not provide an exact breakdown of the products contained within this box, the items included within your box will depend on several factors:

  • Your items will be chosen with care and we aim to provide a selection of Rothiemurchus meat
  • Our meat comes from our own herd and we have limited quantities of each cut
  • We make use of the whole animal
  • Seasonality will affect supply
  • If you wish to choose an exact cut of meat you may wish to use our meat order form

Booking Notes

If you would like us to make your Rothiemurchus Meat Box with just beef or just venison please let us know in the 'notes' section of the booking form.

Please advise us in the 'notes' box of the order form if you need to avoid certain allergens, we have gluten-free burgers and sausages on request.